A marriage is meant to be a happy occasion. Full of joy, laughter and the start of a new life. However, for those who are sponsoring a foreign national spouse, it can be a long, and difficult process.

Whether your spouse is in Canada or abroad, great care must be taken to ensure that your application is approved.

What Immigration looks for in a Marriage:

In addition to all the legal requirements for sponsoring a spouse, immigration officials look for the following:

  • Whether you are in genuine marriage. You must convince immigration that your marriage is genuine and is not entered into solely for immigration benefit;
  • Whether or not your spouse inadmissible in Canada. Your spouse may be inadmissible if, your spouse:
    • Has in the past, Committed a crime;
    • Has in the past, violated Canada’s Immigration Laws;
    • Has any serious medical condition.

Common Law Partner

If you are living in a common law relationship and one year has passed, you may sponsor your partner for Permanent Residency.

Same-Sex Couples

Under Canada’s immigration laws, same-sex couples, whether married or unmarried, have the same rights as opposite sex couples. If you are looking to sponsor your same-sex partner, contact us to discuss your options.

Rejected Application

If you have received a letter stating that your marriage is not “genuine,” you still have hope. You may be able to appeal this decision .

How Can We Help:

Sponsoring a foreign national spouse is a complicated legal process. In addition to meeting all the legal requirements, immigration officials must be convinced that your marriage is genuine. Having experienced legal representation can often make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful sponsorship.

Let us take care of the immigration stress so you can start enjoying your life with your new spouse. Our team of experienced Immigration professionals can help you through the process. Our team will ensure that your application is persuasive and has met all the legal requirements for sponsorship.